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Tealive Arrives to Canada & Debuts at Ottawa Asian Fest

One of Asia’s most popular and fastest growing brands has arrived in Canada and will be opening its very first location in Ottawa!
Tealive has exploded in popularity in Asia with more than 800 outlets in just a few short years. Always more than tea, Tealive debuts as the title sponsor of the Late Summer Edition of the Asian Night Market on Sparks – Sept 23-25.

Are you ready to Flip?
So what makes Tealive different from all the other Bubble Tea shops that have been popping up on every corner in Ottawa? This chain from Malaysia not only offers all sorts of classic and unique Boba drinks, but Aren Palm Sugar drinks unique to the region of Malaysia. Tealive hopes that this healthier alternative will flip you from your usual sugar packed Bobas, to a healthier alternative that still tastes just as good… if not better!

The Aren Palm Difference.
Not only does Aren Palm sugar contain more vitamins and minerals than other sugars, it also scores lower on the glycemic index making it less likely for you to have a sugar crash after consuming. It also has a very unique sweet and somewhat savoury taste that adds a whole new dimension of deliciousness to your drinks.

But of course, if it’s not your cup of tea, Tealive also offers all your traditional sweeteners and toppings that your favorite Boba shop carries… and more!

You’ll taste the difference, and once you flip, you wont’ go back!

Look for the very first Tealive location opening late 2022 in the lowertown area of Ottawa and get a taste of it at the Late Summer Edition Night Market on Sparks!